Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jenna Haze Gloryhole

I don't know if this vid is fucking creepy as all hell... or 25 minutes of pure hotness... Probably a little of both. I'll let you watch it, but don't skip the intro if you want to get the whole creepy, dudes staring at Jenna Haze like crazy killers thing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze - Moving Day

So I'm pretty sure this isn't the full clip but I didn't go looking for the rest. This is Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze apparently pretty early on in their careers from the looks of it. Its kind of amateurish and... they seem hesitant to get down to business. If you are down with 15 minutes of crappy story and lesbians basically just making out, this is for you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow with Tyler Faith - 100% Anal #2

Don't even bother trying to hear this one... The audio was too low. Which probably works out if you are sitting in your grandmother's dingy dark basement looking to rub one out real quick before she comes down to change loads of laundry. *YES I'M TALKING TO YOU!*

There is a lot of dildo fucking going on in this clip. Normally that's a bore for me, but Jenna Haze can't be in a scene I don't fucking love. The angles in this clip are incredible.

In typical round table lesbian porno fucking Tyler Faith and Jenna start out by drilling Aurora Snow. And daaaaammmnnn does it seem like Aurora gets into it even licking the toy clean. Once they are through with Aurora, it's Tyler's turn, she goes doggy style while Aurora slams her pussy with the dildo and Jenna pulls her hair and slaps her ass. Lastly it's all about Jenna, she lays on her side while they slide and twist a toy into her ass. Its some sexy shit to watch.

I'm pretty sure this comes from 100% Anal #2 I recommend streaming it or buying the DVD, it's a hot one.

Also don't forget to check out more of Aurora Snow and Tyler Faith.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jenna Haze with Aurora Snow and Boo Dilicious - From Jenna Loves Girls

First off... You can safely skip the first 2:20 of this clip. It's all intros from the movie itself. Then comes something weird/funny... Jenna bites a rose off it' stem and spits it out... Not sure who decided to get artsy, why, or what they were trying to accomplish, but they failed miserably. The scene itself starts a little odd as well, Boo Dilicious is in a room with Aurora Snow, Aurora is feeling herself up for awhile before Jenna walks in from outside... At this point with the rose thing and this weird start to the scene, I'm expecting it to be fucking odd as shit. But I go ahead with it, boy was it worth it. So once Jenna walks in she is center of attention, Aurora and Boo kissing her and feeling her up. She moves down and sits on the arm of the couch while Aurora goes down on her and Boo circles around to the back so Jenna can lick and bite on her nips... FUCKING HOT! When Jenna cums, I about jizzed in my pants. Then they switch around a little bit, Aurora lays back, Jenna buries her face between her legs and Boo kneels down on the ground, whips out a vibrator and starts fucking Jenna with it. Aurora's pussy gets so fucking wet it's out of this world, and when Jenna cums for the second time I had to let lose a few knuckle children so I could watch the rest of the clip without passing out. Finally Boo's turn comes up. Jenna dildo fucks Boo while Aurora pays attention to Boo's breasts. When Boo cums, the face and sounds that go with it would get an 80 year old man with ED and a bad heart fucking paint a black wall white.

If you don't get off to this scene you don't have a pulse.

You should probably check out the whole movie Jenna Loves Girls. You can stream it too if you don't want to buy it outright.

Jenna Haze, She Tastes So Good! And she's so fun to eat!

Also be sure to check out more about Aurora Snow and Boo Dilicious.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jenna Haze & Audrey Bitoni - Flawless

This scene starts out with Jenna Haze and Audrey Bitoni starting off with some strong lesbo make out action... that probably goes on a little longer than it should have. When Jenna goes down on Audrey you kind of almost want to take over for her, it's like she doesn't know what she's doing. She has a vagina too right? She should know that what she's doing wouldn't get her off, right? Anyways moving on, they switch around Audrey goes to town on Jenna's vag for awhile before this Snake Plisken looking mother fucker shows up in a purple shirt and take Audrey from behind. It would have been much better if there had been some pussy on pussy grinding action first before this. In any case, Audrey gets rocked hard on the couch for awhile by Snake before they move to the floor and they go to town on his rod for a little bit. Finally Jenna mounts snake, and another perfect opportunity is wasted when Audrey gets up on the couch behind them and Jenna could bury her face in Audrey's pussy pie while riding Snake's shotgun... but doesn't. Eventually Audrey get's rocked hard again before the final disappointment of the scene happens... it gets cut short... NO BIG FINISH!

That said, because of the two fine chicks in it, I got off and you probably will too.

Here is some more info on Audrey Bitoni. Also some more info on the movie this is from Flawless.

A Story About A Girl And Her Diamond. When a flawless supermodel is given a flawless stone, a flawless sex comedy ensues! Tera Patrick, FOXE Performer of the Year, rocks the screen with eroticism and laughter, as every jealous 'ho in Hollywood vies for her diamond, and every con man gets his comeuppance in the process. It's a Tiffany setting for a porn classic, and Tera delivers flawlessly. Enjoy every facet of this true gem!

As usual if you want to see the whole vid and catch the whole scene head over to the Startlet Directory store and check it out. It's on sale right now and they have it VOD too so you can stream it instead of buying it.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Heart Jenna Haze... Now With More Surveys!

As per my last post, I'm going to start putting together wallpapers occasionally. But I don't want to just throw up random wallpapers that no one wants to download, I want to know what you want to see. Please take the survey. Also don't forget to subscribe to our RSS feed to the right and to share our site with your friends using the links at the bottom of this post!

Wallpaper Survey

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Monday, August 9, 2010

New Wallpaper Posted

Every so often I'll be putting up a wallpaper for your downloading pleasure. Please download them and share them with the world.

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